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Why AI for networking should be embraced, not feared

30th January 2020 | In Networking
When anyone says AI, most people immediately think of ‘little green men’ or ‘spaceships’ and 10 years ago it wasn’t even conceivable that we would start to look at Artificial Intelligence to help us run our business, in fact, moving your systems into the cloud was frowned upon. Move forward to 2020 and AI is now a realistic thought for all network teams as it gives modern businesses an intelligent solution in this digital era where there is demand from users for technology that has no downtime, lag or latency. The Juniper Mist platform addresses most business challenges. Designed from the ground up to meet stringent networking needs of cloud and smart devices. Mist delivers unique capabilities for the wired and wireless LAN.
  • Wired and wireless assurance. Set, monitor, and enforce Service Level Expectations (SLE) for key wired and wireless performance metrics such as throughput, capacity, roaming, and uptime. Provide predictive recommendations to avoid or fix problems in a rapid manner.
  • Marvis, an integrated AI engine. Mist built an AI engine right into the Mist platform for unique client-level insight, rapid wired and wireless troubleshooting, trending analysis, anomaly detection and proactive problem remediation. These capabilities simplify IT operations without requiring expensive overlay sensors, data collector hardware or extra software.
  • Modern microservices cloud. Mist Cloud is built on a modern microservices architecture that brings the agility of SaaS to networks. On-demand network upgrades and patches take minutes instead of months, with new features rolled out almost weekly with low risk.
  • Virtual BLE for indoor location. Patented dynamic vBLE 16 antenna array and unsupervised machine learning in Mist APs eliminate the need for battery powered BLE beacons and manual calibration. This means no more headaches as you deploy and maintain high-value location services such as wayfinding, asset tracking, and proximity notifications.

Mist is the first and only AI-driven, real-time troubleshooting network assistant. It brings proactive insights and self-driving network capabilities with Marvis Actions, which translates root cause to automated actions for remediating network issues. Reports site- wide discrepancies through anomaly detection. All of this allows you to offer the best in class service to your end users.
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AI is here to stay …

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