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What has AI done for me?

13th February 2020 | In Storage
Everything seems to have AI in it now, from a phone to a fridge to an access point, but do we really need all this AI? How does this make my life easier?

When AI can take away some of my workload and make my life easier, then I am interested!
  • Save me picking up the phone to talk to a foreign call centre for 2-hours just to be cut off!
  • Manage endless patching and updating, white listing, validating rolling back and forwards
  • Predicts and prevents problems so I spend less time picking up the pieces
  • Optimise my estate based on best practices and updates done anywhere else in the world
  • Continuously manage my environment so I can get on with more important things! (Where are my golf clubs?)
  • Make recommendations to future upgrades based purely on my workload not just a generic call script

That’s why I don’t have an AI Fridge, but why I DO have HPE Nimble Storage with the most advanced AI management platform, in the world.

Julian Lawn, Head of ESS, Hardware
HPE Infosight Demo >

There are so many numbers quoted around these tools they all promise to save you more money than you have spent and make things so fast they happen before they were requested. All that really matters is HPE Intelligent storage with InfoSight will manage itself, will patch itself, will maintain itself, raise its own support cases, will optimise itself and recommend upgrades to you. It will even look at the rest of your estate and make recommendations there too.

Managing storage doesn’t have to be hard, it isn’t hard at all with HPE Infosight. Download the Business Guide from HPE to find out more.
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