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System Design

From data centres and networking, to virtualisation, servers and storage, we can design bespoke systems and solutions to meet your requirements, whilst solving any previous problems.

Multi-vendor accredited experts are qualified to provide advice and recommendations across a wide range of disciplines and technologies to achieve the desired outcomes for you.

Network Health Check

Periodically assessing the health and efficiency of your network is important to ensure your network is still performing at its best and providing maximum value for your business.

Installation Planning

Technical challenges are not uncommon, particularly as the technological landscape continues to evolve. We have the expertise to help you overcome these challenges.

Network Audit Services

Our experience and market visibility enables us to recommend best practices and state-of-the-art technologies from across your industry to help you achieve a strong, competitive and optimised infrastructure.

Proof of Concept (POC)

POC is a physical demonstration of your chosen technology solution for testing and familiarisation prior to investment. This may require a level of investment or provision of compute and storage on existing infrastructures but, once built, offers a condensed platform against which the business can test.

Post-Deployment Services

Once your equipment has been installed, we can provide an on-demand engineer support service to help you in the event of any problems or to provide additional resource when required.

Demonstration Facilities

Our state-of-the-art demo centre will help you maintain a strong understanding of all the latest technology.

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Our expert engineers can help you to understand your current infrastructure and its configuration in order to ensure you are getting maximum performance and best value from your system.

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Pre-Configuration Services

A large-scale rollout of data communications equipment to multiple locations takes a huge amount of planning and resource. Our pre-configuration services ensure your exact configuration requirements – including upgrades, software and memory – are met prior to equipment dispatch dramatically reducing installation time, shipping costs and on-site errors.

Additionally our Imaging services creates a virtual copy of a hardware device so that an exact replica can be installed onto another device, ensuring the same software and operating systems are in place.

Pre-Staging Services

Network installation can be a time consuming and costly process. Our dedicated pre-staging facility allows for networks to be built and configured in a safe and isolated environment where tests can be carried out prior to installation.

Installation Services

Installing new systems can be complex, time consuming and use a large amount of resource. Whether you need a few extra hands to assist your in-house team or are looking for a complete turnkey solution, we can provide a service to help.

Managed Install

The ability to deploy CPE devices, quickly and without issue, to your customers is vital in keeping you ahead of the competition. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work involved in a roll-out of devices into geographically dispersed locations in ever decreasing timeframes. We can manage the process for you – meeting your timescales whilst handling the challenges of worldwide import and export.

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Our pre-configuration services ensure your exact configuration requirements, including upgrades, software and memory, are met prior to equipment dispatch, allowing for easy onsite installation.

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Virtual Warehousing

Running your own storage facility is an expensive, and sometimes challenging, undertaking. We can hold stocks of your equipment in a secure environment ready to ship, when required, to meet your tight deadlines. Alternatively, we can act as the logistics arm of your business and ‘blank’ ship equipment direct to your customers, saving you time and money.

Global Logistics

A strong and reliable global logistics operation is vital to ensure we can meet tight deadlines and assure our customers that equipment will be delivered when and where required.

IOR / EOR Services

Managing complex cross-border logistics is key to the timely execution of any large scale roll-out. Our IOR / EOR services simplify the clearance of shipments and remove the cost of establishing in-country legal entities. The IOR provider will take responsibility for all HMRC interaction, helping to reduce client exposure to corporate taxes and minimising the risk of goods being held by customs organisations.

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ISO security and quality certified, with vast experience in global shipping, we ensure your equipment is delivered when and where required, to meet your tight deadlines.

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Partner Support Services

Our partner IT support services provide a single source of multi-vendor network support, independent of manufacturer, location, SLA or term. With one number to call, our technicians can be there to assist you in as little as 4 hours, giving you the reassurance that any problems will be resolved quickly and effectively.

Smartpac Support Services

End-of-life (EOL) or end-of-support (EOS) equipment still requires support to ensure any problems can be resolved quickly. Our Smartpac brand support services provide a single source of third-party multi-vendor network support and maintenance so you can reach accredited engineers 24 hours a day.

Spares As A Service

Ensure minimal downtime in the event of equipment failure, without the costs and operational challenges of managing your own storage, through the use of our spares management service.

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We can provide on-demand, multi-vendor accredited, engineer support to assist you in the event of any problems, or to provide additional skills or resource to augment your team as required.

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If you are looking to make your existing equipment last longer or validate it ready for use in a new location, we can provide a guaranteed refurbishment service for a wide range of network, server and storage equipment. Refurbished hardware not only offers up to 90% cost savings, but also retains its remaining value for longer.

Repair Services

Our ‘no fix, no fee’ independent network repair services allow you to extend the life of your faulty, out-of-warranty network equipment – a fast and affordable alternative to replacement. Our engineers have expertise across WAN, LAN, wireless, security and VOIP and can repair a wide range of equipment from routers through to most major network chassis.


Running your own storage facility is an expensive, and sometimes challenging, undertaking. We can hold stocks of your equipment in a secure environment ready to ship, when required, to meet your tight deadlines. Alternatively, we can act as the logistics arm of your business and ‘blank’ ship equipment direct to your customers, saving you time and money.

WEEE Disposal

We take recycling and disposal of electrical equipment very seriously. All of our processes follow stringent environmental regulations ensuring legal and environmental compliance at all times, so you can be sure of where your waste is going.


As with all technical equipment, IT assets are subject to value depreciation throughout their lifetime. Understanding the depreciation curve of your equipment is important in order to assess the right time to replace for maximum trade-in value.

Trade-In / Buy-Back

Excess or redundant equipment – whilst no longer of use to you – often still works like new and may hold market value. We can buy back this surplus equipment, refurbish it and resell it, helping to realise the maximum value for you.

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Our extensive facilities mean we can offer guaranteed refurbishment for your network, server and storage equipment, restoring it to manufacturer quality standards and extending its valuable life.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment service will perform an initial strategic assessment of on-premise infrastructure, applications and workloads. The outcome is to provide a detailed report of the organisations readiness to move to the cloud.

Cloud Migration Services

CloudwareOne’s certified experts will work with you to design, deploy, and continuously support a rightsized environment that is best suited to your organisation’s workloads and applications.

Resource Monitoring

CloudwareOne provides detailed statistics on the usage of public cloud resources. Providing intelligence to right-sizing workloads and scale core services efficiently to reduce costs.

Cloud Compliance

CloudwareOne is a comprehensive cloud management and governance platform, providing you with complete visibility and control over siloed data from across your public cloud hosted infrastructure.

Best-In-Class Cloud Cost Management

Our agnostic approach provides unbiased, independent analysis and recommendations of your current or impending cloud strategy, delivering a range of services from migration, cost controls, automation and governance to ensure TCO and best-practice is at the forefront of your cloud strategy.

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