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Unifying Digital Experience Management

27th March 2019 | In Technology
We live in a digital world where end users – be they customers, employees, partners or suppliers – expect applications and digital services to be fast, reliable and always-on, no matter what device they are on or where they are located. To deliver the best experience, organisations employ various systems, methodologies, and tools in dev/test, deployment, and production environments. But where companies differentiate themselves is in how effectively they do this. Are they using the proper tools within each environment to provide a seamless and solid end-user experience? Do they have insights into each and every step, or every infrastructure or network component, to prevent or fix performance issues? And can they manage and optimise IT systems and processes quickly and easily to improve the digital experience?

Unified Digital Experience Management (DEM) is required

A single, unified digital experience management solution that provides end-to-end monitoring and proactive performance insights allows companies to innovate more quickly with fewer problems along the development and application delivery lifecycle. It also enables organisations to easily share analytics across domains while providing actionable results to all lines of business. An effective DEM solution should:
  • Capture all types of data and transactions from all end-user devices, networks, infrastructure, and applications at a granular level for faster and more effective root-cause analysis. Devices and applications can vary widely, yet everything in the environment must be supported by the system.
  • Provide deep insights into application and network performance, blending and correlating analysis from all domains to provide a one-stop solution for managing performance. Performance monitoring and analysis solutions use built-in “big data” analytics to turn high-volume packet, flow, app, and transaction metrics into actionable intelligence. Network planning and configuration solution(s) should integrate the physical map with application and logical network maps to give a view of changes to the infrastructure and device configurations that can be blended with network and application performance views.
  • Enable proactive problem detection and resolution with performance insights designed to guide fixing, optimising, and prioritising application and network performance for hybrid networks and SD-WAN architectures.
  • Measure all steps, including pre-digital conversion, to understand the impact of poor app performance which, in turn, leads to poor digital experiences.
  • Provide performance diagnostics and controlled feedback loops at every stage of the software development lifecycle, empowering businesses to embrace DevOps for faster business innovation and continuous application improvement.
  • Deliver common, high-definition data sets to empower IT teams to collaborate effectively to resolve digital experience issues quickly and proactively.
For digital transformation initiatives to be successfully implemented, they must also be successfully managed. This means putting an end to siloed teams with compartmentalised tools; limited performance insights within development processes and cycles; and blind spots that impede IT’s ability to see and drill down into all components of the digital experience, to truly understand the end user’s experience. As digital channels and services become more and more vital to business growth, enterprises must embrace unified Digital Experience Management. In doing so, they can accelerate digital initiatives, ensure quality end-user experiences, and optimise business outcomes. We partner with Riverbed who are unique in their multi-domain support of DEM, and whose vision is well aligned with the needs of a next-generation enterprise DEM operation.

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‘Unifying Digital Experience Management’ extracts taken from Riverbed whitepaper entitled ‘Five-Star End-User Experiences Require Unified Digital Experience Management’. Download Whitepaper

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