QFX10002 High-Density Data Centre Switch

High-density, highly scalable, future-proof fixed-configuration switches powered by Juniper Q5 ASIC. Ideally suited for data centre spine and core deployments.

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The QFX10002 line of fixed Ethernet switches offers highly scalable, high-density platforms and provides a robust foundation for supporting today’s most demanding data center environments—all in a compact, 2 U form factor.

Using custom silicon Juniper Q5 ASICs, QFX10002 data center switches come in three models:

  • QFX10002-36Q: 2 U 36x40GbE or 12x100GbE ports with throughput of up to 2.88 Tbps. Ideally suited for data centre spine and core deployments.
  • QFX10002-72Q: 2 U 72x40GbE or 24x100GbE ports with throughput of up to 5.76 Tbps. Ideally suited for data centre spine and core deployments.
  • QFX10002-60C: 2 U 60x100GbE ports with throughput of up to 6 Tbps. Ideally suited for data centre spine, data centre edge, and Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) deployments.

Featuring a deep buffer with Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) to absorb network traffic spikes, eliminating dropped micro-bursts of traffic and application latency caused by shallow-buffer switches. The switches accommodate big data applications and storage nodes that demand packet resiliency from the network, along with container workloads that increase network utilisation.

Providing up to 2 million forwarding information base (FIB) entries and up to 2 million host routes, delivering the capacity you need as your data centre requirements grow and change.

Additionally, the fixed-configuration switches offer investment protection by supporting 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE in the same platform, giving you the power to seamlessly transition with evolving demands.


Form Factor Fixed-configuration platform
Access Ports N/A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.4 x 3.5 x 31 in (44.2 x 8.9 x 78.7 cm); 2U
Data rate QFX10002-72Q: Up to 2 Bpps
QFX10002-36Q: Up to 1 Bpps
Throughput QFX10002-36Q: 2.88 Tbps
QFX10002-72Q: 5.76 Tbps
Port Densities QFX10002-72Q: 288 10GbE, 72 40GbE, or 24 100GbE
QFX10002-36Q: 144 10GbE, 36 40GbE, or 12 100GbE
Maximum 10GbE Density QFX10002-72Q: 288
QFX10002-36Q: 144
Maximum 25GbE/50GbE densities N/A
Maximum 40GbE Density QFX10002-72Q: 72
QFX10002-36Q: 36
Maximum 100GbE density QFX10002-72Q: 24
QFX10002-36Q: 12
Resiliency QFX10002-36Q/-72Q: 2/4 hot-swappable AC/DC power supplies; 3 hot-swappable fan trays
Operating System Junos OS
Traffic monitoring Port-based
LAG port
Mirror to local and remote destinations (L2 over VLAN and GRE)
Quality-of-Service (QoS) Queues/port Eight output queues per port
MAC addresses QFX10002-36Q: Up to 256,000
QFX10002-72Q: Up to 512,000
Junbo Frames 9216 bytes
IPv4 unicast/multicast routes 256,000 / 128,000
IPv6 unicast/multicast routes 256,000 / 128,000
Number of VLANs 16,000
ARP entries QFX10002-36Q: Up to 144,000
QFX10002-72Q: Up to 256,000