VMAX All-Flash


VMAX All-Flash Series

Engineered to optimize flash drive technology, VMAX All Flash is built to take on all of your modern data centre challenges.

  • VMAX 250F: up to 1 PB effective flash capacity
  • VMAX 950F: up to 4 PB effective flash capacity
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The exciting Dell EMC VMAX all-flash arrays now includes the newest powerful member, the VMAX 950F. The VMAX 950F delivers unparalleled performance and scalability as a mission-critical multi-controller platform utilising Intel® Xeon® E5-2697-v4 18 core processors running at 2.3GHz. With the highest capacity 7.68 and 15.36TB Enterprise Flash drives, and Dual V-Brick/cabinet packaging this new Enterprise class array offers a compelling value proposition designed for the most demanding storage workloads, including new support for Mixed Mainframe and Open Systems hosts. Like all members of the All Flash family, your data always resides in the fastest possible tier (Diamond) to deliver the highest IOPS throughput and lowest possible latency.

VMAX All-Flash arrays extend the long tradition of VMAX® Reliability, Availability and Serviceability that our customers have come to expect. Ranging from 1 to 8 V-Bricks packaged in dual V-Brick racks along with their associated DAEs, the VMAX All-Flash family offers unprecedented scale and footprint efficiency. The built-in hypervisor enables VMAX All-Flash to offer Unified block and file support through Embedded NAS (eNAS), as well as Embedded Management.

VMAX All-Flash arrays are available in two software packages, the standard “F” package and the application rich “FX” package, which makes ordering easy. The FX package includes licensed support for SRDF S/A/STAR/Metro, Data at Rest Encryption, eNAS, and both include VASA Provider Certified support for VVols, and Secure Snaps, a new SnapVX feature eliminating the ability for admins to delete snapshots. And now, for the first time, VMAX All Flash arrays offer optional support for RecoverPoint for heterogeneous replication with Dell EMC arrays. As always, VMAX All Flash arrays come fully pre-configured out of the factory to significantly shorten the time to first I/O.


Number of V-Bricks 250F: 1 to 2
950F: 1 to 8
Form Factor 4U
CPU 250F: Intel Xeon E5-2650-v4, 2.5 GHz 12 core
950F: Intel Xeon E5-2697-v4, 2.8 GHz 18 core
Cores per CPU / Engine / System 250F: 12/48/96
950F: 18/72/576
Cache Min (Raw) 250F: 512 GB
950F: 1,024 GB
Cache Max (Raw) 250F: 4 TB (with 2,048 GB engine)
950F: 16 TB (with 2,048 GB engine)
Vault Implementation 250F: 2 to 4 NVMe Flash SLICs / Engine
950F: 4 to 8 NVMe Flash SLICs / Engine
eNAS I/O Modules 10 GbE: 2 x 10 GbE Optical, 10 GbE: 2 x 10 GbE Cu, 8 Gbs: 4 x 8 Gbs FC (Tape BU)
Max Capacity Per Array (Open) 250F: 1.16 PBe
950F: 4.42 PBe
Max Drives Per V-Brick 250F: 50
950F: 240
Max Drives Per Array 250F: 100
950F: 1,920
Max Drives per System Bay 250F: 100 / 200
950F: 480
RAID Options Supported 250F: RAID 5(7+1) (default), RAID 5(3+1), RAID 6(6+2)
950F: RAID 5(7 +1), RAID 6(14+2)