Unity Hybrid-Flash


Dell EMC Unity Hybrid-Flash Series

Unity’s All-Flash and Hybrid Flash storage platforms optimise SSD performance and efficiency, with fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities.

  • Unity 300: 3.6 TB to 2.4 PB
  • Unity 400: 1.2 TB to 4 PB
  • Unity 500: 1.2 TB to 8 PB
  • Unity 600: 1.2 TB to 10 PB
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The Dell EMC Unity Hybrid-Flash product line sets new standards for storage with compelling simplicity, modern design, flexible deployments and affordable prices– to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies.

If you are looking for rich features and absolute simplicity in a small footprint, if you are cost-conscious and need the best from the best, Dell EMC Unity Hybrid-Flash is for you. Designed for flash with rich data services, it delivers flash performance with the cost advantage of disk.

Dense flash technology and inline data reduction for all-flash pools help deliver outstanding TCO, starting in a small 2U footprint.

Benefit from point-in-time snapshots, local and remote data replication, built-in encryption, and deep integration with VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack. Automated tiering and flash caching place data on the appropriate tier of storage for the highest system performance at the lowest storage cost.

Gain intelligent insight into your storage health with CloudIQ, which provides cloud-based proactive monitoring and predictive analytics. Additionally, ongoing operation is simple with proactive assistance and automated remote support.


Min / Max Drives

300: 5/150
400: 5/250
500: 5/500
600: 5/1000

Array Enclosures There are 2 versions: A 2U Disk Processor Enclosure (DPE) with twenty five 2.5” drives and a 2U Disk Processor Enclosure with twelve 3.5” drives.
Drive Enclosure All models support 2U twenty five drive trays for 2.5” drives, 3U fifteen drive trays for 3.5” drives, and 3U eighty drive trays for 2.5” drives
RAID Options 1/0, 5, 6
CPU per Array 300: 2 x Intel 6-core, 1.6GHz
400: 2 x Intel 8-core, 2.4GHz
500: 2 x Intel 10-core, 2.6GHz
600: 2 x Intel 12-core, 2.5GHz
Memory per Array 300: 48 GB
400: 96 GB
500: 128 GB
600: 256 GB
Max O Modules Per Array 4
Base 12 Gb/s SAS BE Buses per Array 2 x 4 Lane
Max Number of Pools 300: 20
400: 30
500: 40
600: 100
Max Raw Capacity 300: 2.34 PB
400: 3.9 PB
500: 7.8 PB
600: 9.7 PB
Max SAN Hosts 300: 512
400: 1,024
500: 1,024
600: 2,048
Max File System Size 256 TB

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