Nimble Secondary-Flash


Nimble Secondary-Flash, Dual-Controller All-Software

  • Raw Capacity: 21 TB – 252 TB
  • Usable Capacity: 16 TB – 200 TB
  • Effective Capacity: 288 TB – 3,600 TB*
  • Media: Secondary-Flash

* Assumes 18:1 data reduction from deduplication and compression

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HPE Nimble Secondary-Flash Storage Array let you put your backup data to work. Designed to simply and efficiently handle tasks like Veeam backups and disaster recovery, they also offer the flash-optimized performance needed to run development/test, QA, and analytics workloads on your backup data—plus production workloads when needed. Back up and recover data from any primary storage array nearly instantaneously. Save space with always-on, inline deduplication and compression, Simplify data management through integration with leading availability software for virtualization environments from Veeam. Don’t wait for a disaster—put your backup data to work today. HPE Nimble Secondary-Flash Storage Arrays scale from effective capacities up to 3.6PB


Raw Capacity 21 TB – 252 TB
Usable Capacity 16 TB – 200 TB
Effective Capacity 288 TB – 3,600 TB *
Max Number of Expansion Shelves 2
Raid Level Triple+ Parity
Onboard iSCSI/Mgmt. 1 Gb/10 Gb ports per array 4
Onboard iSCSI 1Gb Ports per arrray 4
Optional iSCSI 10 Gb Ports per array 4
Optional FC 8 Gb / 16 Gb Ports per array 4

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