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Storing data with confidence

9th March 2018 | In Storage

Achieving peace of mind with efficient, scalable and secure storage. A large health company achieved efficient, scalable and available storage with high levels of security and back up all at a mid-range cost thanks to the recommendations of Hardware.com.

  BUSINESS CHALLENGE One of the largest health companies in the US was expanding into the UK and Europe and needed to upgrade their storage solution to accommodate their additional growth and the need for the best available data security to ensure protection of sensitive data, even within the organisation itself.   Due to the size of the company, availability and performance under load were vital and multi-site recovery options in the event of disaster were also a fundamental consideration.   BUSINESS SOLUTION Conscious of the need to maximise simplicity whilst minimising costs, Hardware.com’s engineers recommended an HP storage system offering multi-tier storage across SSD, SAS and SAS-NL for excellent efficiency, offering speeds up to 2.4 times faster than competitive systems. Data is automatically broken down into manageable 1GB chunks and self-configured meaning there is a greater utilisation of space, maximising the capabilities of the storage device without wasting space. Four, fully-meshed controllers mean every area of storage is active and accessible by each controller, providing a high bandwidth for communication and data movement. This facilitates the speed and simplicity of data transfer and allows for ease of scalability as the company grows further. Advanced replication software and integration with VMware replication tools means data is mirrored and easily moved across data centres ensuring protection with minimal impact on business applications during times of crisis. High levels of security are also achieved through the encryption of data whilst not in use and partitionable multi-tenancy features which allow for privacy even between users of the same system.