Accelerating Network Performance

The Challenge

A legacy data centre network needs upgrading to a modern scalable fabric design that isn’t tied to a single vendor but still needs to support legacy applications.


Our Solutions

Deploying a layer 3 based network fabric provides the scalability and resilience that the customer requires. But this does not support the legacy applications so provisioning an overlay network using SDN principles provides the legacy application support over this network fabric.


Using EVPN/VXLAN as the overlay technology we can deploy this environment fully within the network with no external controllers or changes to legacy applications required. Built on a foundation of standards based protocols this allows us to deliver a scalable, cost effective, vendor neutral data-centre platform. This can be deployed to provide all the capabilities initially of the legacy network it is replacing whilst providing in parallel a cloud ready infrastructure that can support cloud scale applications and platform design running across it. It gives the customer ultimate flexibility of deployment and migration, minimising downtime and maximising return on investment. pioneered the deployment of this solution conducting the first of it’s type for Juniper Networks within EMEA using switches from the QFX range. Our skills on the technology now extend beyond a single vendor solution allowing us to deploy across multiple vendors for interoperability and flexibility.


Explore the advantages of deploying a scalable fabric solution over traditional Layer 2 legacy networks.

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