Europe’s largest online premium beauty retailer needed a way to efficiently and accurately fulfil customer orders.

Business Challenge

With an online product portfolio of over 500 brands and 18,000 products stored in their warehouse, Europe’s largest online premium beauty retailer needed a way to efficiently and accurately fulfil customer orders.


The existing system involved printing orders on paper and manually picking stock and maintaining stock records. Not only did this take time but it left the company open to unfavourable margins of error. The company needed someone with the insight and bvision to bring them up to date and boost competitive advantage through efficient band reliable processes.

Business Solution identified an opportunity to streamline operational processes by upgrading the technology used by our customer.


We started by designing an optimum server specification to improve network speeds nand efficiency. The installation of the new servers alone came with significant energy and cost-saving benefits, so much so that the company achieved ROI in just 17
months based solely on energy savings.

In order to ensure good coverage across the premises, our engineers designed and installed wireless access points. These transmitted information between the server and the 40 new tablets we supplied for warehouse staff.


The tablets enabled staff to receive new orders in real time, from any warehouse location, without needing to return to a central computer. The tablets could then be used to process orders and manage stock levels, speeding up the picking process and removing the need for paper. Errors were also reduced, improving the overall levels of service and therefore the company’s competitive advantage.

Key project objectives

  • Improve processes to optimise efficiency
  • Reduce margin for error on order fulfilment


  • Trusted advisor status with multiple vendor partners
  • Multi-million $ demo labs
  • Dedicated logistics operation
  • Rapid order processing
  • Experienced engineer resource
  • Design and testing capabilities
  • Pre-Staging facilities
  • Proven project methodology
  • 24/7 support
  • Single point of contact
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified

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Solution Proposal & Benefits

  • New servers offering ROI from energy savings in just 17 months
  • Installation of wireless access points to ensure excellent coverage across warehouse
  • Supply of tablets to be used in the warehouse for streamlined order fulfilment

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