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Seemless data centre deployment

20th March 2018 | In Data Centre

global leader in online security solutions was astounded by the ease and efficiency with which their 3 new data centres were deployed.


Having worked closely with us for a number of years procuring hardware, a global leader in online security solutions put our technical services to the test, enlisting our help in the deployment of multiple new data centres worldwide, including the installation of over 60 racks of equipment.


To ensure minimal disruption, Hardware.com developed procedures to streamline the set-up of all equipment and systems across new data centres. Efficiency was achieved through pre-staging, ensuring suitable product testing took place along with early software configuration whilst allowing racking and equipment assembly to be meticulously planned.


Equipment was then packaged and shipped based on its final rack location, simplifying the delivery process and saving time sorting through boxes at the data centre destinations. These elements, along with our managed installation services, ensured seamless and proficient installation of equipment to the customer’s exact specifications.

Our relationship with the customer has developed from supplier to trusted advisor. Our engineers have become an extension of the customer’s own technical team and the company now uses their experiences with us as the benchmark for all future installations.