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Savings with 3rd Party Optics is Not an Optical Illusion

21st May 2021 | In Technology

The Problem

The alternative option of installing compatible optical transceivers is well known to most IT Operators, even if they are still procuring optics directly from the System Vendor due to contractual obligations.

Organisations of all sizes are facing increased IT infrastructure challenges due to decreased budgets at a time when investment to expand or upgrade the data centre is needed.

This conundrum has meant that many organisations across the UK and Europe have approached Hardware to discuss the procurement and delivery of 3rd party compatible optics as a primary cost saving practice.

The Solution

The IT Operators need to understand, not just the impact the procurement of compatible optics has on their TCO, but also on their current environment.

Most Operators are buying multiple optical transceiver SKUs across many different System Vendors’ platforms. The ranges include 1 and 10Gig SFPs both standard and Bi-Directional, to the newer 40Gig QSFP+ and 100Gig QSFP28 parts.

With a potentially complex set of requirements, Hardware is well placed to support your connectivity challenges.


Working in close partnership with AddOn Networks, Hardware has been successful in winning many contracts across the UK and Europe. This shows that we have been able to demonstrate value for money in a competitive market place, but also that the AddOn product offering combined with our flexibility and experience, is now proven to satisfy the stringent demands of the IT Operators.

Commercial Benefits

  • Up to 80% cost savings versus the System Vendor’s optics pricing.
  • Every transceiver is tested at AddOn’s UK test facility
  • Multi-vendor compatible transceivers and high-speed cabling to work in Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and other environments
  • Stock held in the UK with 90% of orders being despatched within 48 hours of PO receipt
  • Fully covered by a lifetime warranty.

Limited Time Offer

Find out more about the latest offers we have on 3rd Party Optics, including ordering a free sample before you buy.

We Can Help

Contact Us for more information and to find out how we can help you save.

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