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Returning To Business – Physical Distance Controls

1st June 2020 | In Networking

As the UK prepares to reopen for business after nearly 3 months in lockdown there are grave concerns about a second spike due to individuals disobeying distancing rules. Now, more than ever before, technology can help us overcome COVID-19.

Do you agree the use of technology is more important than ever? As the Government release their ‘Track and Trace’ app – a solution that enables digital contact-tracing on a large scale, pinpointing exactly who needs to be in quarantine and who doesn’t by transmitting Bluetooth signs to perform the digital ‘handshake’ when users come into close contact.

Meraki too, along with Everyangle, have launched a smart solution for their MV Cameras, Physical Distance Control, by using algorithms and new coding, Meraki are empowering businesses to manage COVID-19. Businesses are already installing these devices across many different sectors including retail, construction and offices, monitoring real-time occupancy levels, verifying designed age shopping hours and social distancing rules. Detection alerts are provided via SMS, WhatsApp, WebEx and many more, data and stats are centrally managed via the Meraki dashboard, as well as delivering virtual assistant and IoT integration. This product can reduce costs where you need it the most, removing any manual processes currently in place.


It is clear from the above that tech is fundamental to our populations ability to adapt and overcome. This product is globally available and deployed within 10 minutes. Use Meraki MV to kick start your business.

Kerri Haines, Cisco Vendor Manager, Hardware

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