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Refurbished doesn’t need to be a dirty word

7th May 2020 | In Lifecycle Services
Most of us have at one point or another bought something second-user or refurbished, even if it’s just a second hand car, but we are much less likely to even consider anything other than new for our business use. I think, the reason behind this is the pollution of the word refurbished.

Refurb/refurbished has come to mean, used, scratched, dented, no box, no accessories, may work, will have issues. But this is of course because refurbished no long actually means refurbished, it means second hand.

However it doesn’t need to, we can supply authorised manufacturer refurbished hardware that is indistinguishable from the retail product. If fact the only noticeable difference between manufacturer refurbished and retail products is the price. Manufacturer refurbished includes the same warranty and the same accessories as the original part, it ships in a retail sealed box and the warranty can be uplifted the same way and for the same cost as a retail part.

Most of our Partner Vendors offer manufacturer refurbished covering Servers, Networking, Storage and End-client devices. These programs cover not only end-of life products but also current models from overstock, customer demonstrations and cancelled orders. Apart from the cost savings they also have some other benefits:

Better Specification for your Budget

Apart from a ‘vanity’ perspective, in terms of usability running an 8th generation i5 or a 10th generation i5 makes very little difference to the user, but if you are buying manufacturer refurbished you would be able to buy a 8th generation i7 machine instead, which would make a difference, and this would extend your refresh window so offers a double saving.

Extending the working life of your IT

Struggling on project lead times is nothing new and at the moment lead times are going out further. If we can’t get the latest generation we may be able to get the previous generation quicker. Also, if you have users working with laptops that now need docking which you can’t buy new anymore they will usually still be available through manufacturer refurbished programs.

Lower DOA Rates

Because manufacturer refurbished units have been shipped and then come back to the warehouse, they need to be inspected and tested before they can be re-warrantied and re-sold. This checking and testing is far more rigorous than with retail products which means less issues and lower DOA rates. With manufacturer refurbished you are buying with the assurance that it’s good to go.

Lead-times in days, not weeks

We are seeing many Cisco products being quoted with a 6-8 week lead time. Cisco’s Excess Range is their manufacturer refurbished products, these are available from stock in a few days. HPE are quoting similar lead times on their MSA2050 SANs, we can supply the previous generation MSA2040 in a few days.

Late last year we had a request from a customer for 80x HP Desktop Mini PC’s. We had previously offered HP manufacturer refurbished but were told ‘no, we only buy new’. Due to stock constraints and lead time pressures we were able to convince them to take a mixture of retail and manufacturer refurbished to hit their required deadlines. A few days after we had delivered the units they called through to ask which were the manufacturer refurbished units as they couldn’t tell the difference. Which is of course completely the point. As I said to them at the start of the conversation, the only difference is the price.

Julian Lawn, Head of ESS Practice, Hardware
If you have any questions around refurbished IT hardware, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.

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