Home Office

Here at Hardware, we've got desktop computers from all your favourite brands like Lenovo, whose sleek, cutting-edge designs not only look cool but perform too. Find all the essentials to set up an efficient Home Office.

Choosing the Right Home Office Computer

From drafting important work documents to catching up with friends on video calls, our selection of laptops is ready for whatever life throws at you. We've got sleek models from brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo, including the latest high-tech touch-screen options, two-in-one laptops and much more. They all have a host of powerful features such as all-day battery life and Intel Core processors for lag-free operation.

Desktop PC If you use powerful applications, something with a fast processor will make sure they don't slow you down. If you've got a compact desk space, go for an all-in-one so that the monitor and computer are in the same unit.

Laptops Why not consider a Lenovo laptop? We've got an array of models from this quality brand, and there's something to suit every budget.