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Technical Champion of the Year 2017

21st September 2017 | In Security
Hardware.com is proud to announce that our Solutions Architect, Will Embrey, has been awarded Technical Champion of the Year 2017 for Palo Alto Networks.

Will Embrey joined Hardware.com in 2010. Initially working as a Pre-Sales Consultant and then Solutions Architect with a focus on networks and security. Will is involved in design and hands on delivery of projects. His particular areas of focus include Campus Security, DOS mitigation, Application Security, Remote Access and Policy Management.

As a highly accredited technical organisation, our engineers are at the very heart of the relationships we have with our customers, elevating the relationship from supplier to trusted partner. Our Mission Statement highlights that we aim:

“To deliver the best and most reliable solutions to help our customers improve IT efficiency and profitability.” This is achieved through a culture of nurturing and investing in the development of our employees and technical resources which combined, enable us to Exceed our Customers’ Expectations.

Hardware.com strongly support continued investment in our engineering team. And this allows us to provide the highest levels of expertise for our customers. This award is testament to this company philosophy and Will’s exceptional level of ability.

About Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks are leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling all applications and preventing advanced threats from achieving their objectives for tens of thousands of organisations around the world.
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