Transforming Network Connectivity

ProLabs offer an extensive and expanding range of optical transceivers and connectivity solutions to meet the needs of your environment.

Unlock yourselves from expensive and restrictive vendor optical transceivers


Start your transition to non-OEM with high quality, fully compatible optical transceivers and complimentary products from ProLabs.


All ProLabs optics are rigorously tested, and coded for your specific requirement, in their own facilities in the UK and have a proven failure rate of just 0.03%, which is significantly better than published OEM figures. ProLabs performs applications testing on new products and has built up an impressive inventory of equipment from all the major vendors which ensures that their optics are 100% compatible.


All optical transceivers and products, including custom built applications, are truly plug and play, and can be coded to be compatible with over 50 vendors and 20,000 systems. ProLabs customers typically make savings of over 70% when compared with equivalent OEM products supplied through the channel. We deliver ProLabs products to over 40 countries on a monthly basis and in most cases, provide a next day service to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Why ProLabs?

  • Quality – At the forefront of technology development, coding, testing & customisation.
  • Industry-leading warranties - Lifetime advanced replacement warranties.
  • Compatibility - 100% compatibility with over 40 vendors and 20,000 systems.
  • Cost effective - Up to 70% cheaper than mainstream brands.

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