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Remote Site Management

Your network is operating at the edge. Critical and complex equipment is now placed in remote locations without local technical staff. You need to be able to manage and monitor any device on the network — anytime and from anywhere.


J-Switch is our roadmap for organisations to enable business transformation with Juniper Networks at its heart, designed to help you meet new business challenges such as network automation, software-defined networking and NFV. This range of services is designed to support your IT infrastructure to prepare your business for the evolving technological landscape.


J-Switch will help you to provide a better alternative to incumbent technology and transition to a Juniper platform avoiding the pain of vendor lock-in. It empowers business transformation while helping you mitigate risk, benefit from our wider experience, manage compliance issues and deliver your projects on time and on budget.


Through the delivery of our comprehensive portfolio of IT services, our J-switch service will provide everything your organisation needs when considering making the move, from a technical proposal detailing the benefits and ROI of switching, to full training, trade-in value on old equipment and a chance to test drive the intuitive Junos operating system before any investment is made.

Business Transformation Roadmap

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Why Juniper?

Juniper Networks’ enterprise network solutions offer network protection, operational simplicity, enterprise networking performance, flexibility and cost savings:


Best in class

Juniper Networks’ enterprise network solutions are based on an open enterprise networking infrastructure, meaning greater network availability, functionality and agility from less equipment. Enhanced enterprise network security solutions, including adaptive threat management, are also widely recognised by analysts and peers as best-in-class.


Single OS

The Junos operating system is a reliable, high-performance network operating system for routing, switching and security. The use of one single OS provides operational simplicity and efficiency, reducing the time necessary to deploy new services and thereby, decreasing costs.


Cost efficient

The open network platform means you can leverage your existing enterprise network technology without spending money replacing technology you’ve already invested in. Furthermore, our enterprise network solutions are fully integrated so you need fewer boxes.



Utilising a single OS consolidates management, network policy enforcement and control functions offering greater familiarity, interoperability, fewer configuration errors and less downtime. This significantly reduces the learning curve, requiring less training and providing additional cost savings for ongoing configuration and management.

Why J-Switch?

Facing new business challenges? Our suite of services can help prepare your business for Network automation, SDN, NFV and modern security threats.


  • Get VPN access to explore the intuitive Junos operating system
  • Access product data sheets & Junos 1 day books
  • Download industry specific case studies
  • Receive a technical proposal detailing your potential ROI
  • Submit your network configuration for a free expert review
  • Get a trade-in value for Cisco equipment
  • Train your engineers on new equipment with Juniper-certified training courses
  • Receive full support from our Juniper-certified engineers

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