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Moving Data Centre? Consider these questions

7th April 2017 | In Business Transformation
Whilst a data centre move is not a simple or, perhaps, desirable, task, businesses can find themselves in a position where moving their data centre makes the best commercial sense. This may be due to colocation fees or simply outgrowing the space available. If you are planning a data centre move, here’s a few key questions to consider:

Do you know how your systems are set up?

Without proper documentation detailing exactly how your systems are set up, your data centre move will, unfortunately, be set to fail. Which cables connect to which ports? How is your equipment laid out in your racks? How much power does each piece of equipment draw? Without this vital information, it will be almost impossible to recreate your data centre and achieve the same level of performance in a new location.

Do all your systems currently work?

Full testing needs to be carried out prior to a data centre move to baseline the existing system performance. Without it you might spend time trying to get a piece of kit to function which was actually faulty prior to the move.

How are you going to transport your equipment to the new data centre?

Servers are fragile. Delicate equipment can easily be damaged during transit. So it’s important to ensure your transportation specialist is fully equipped to deal with removals of this nature. This will involve specialist packaging and transportation with air ride suspension to limit movement and bounce which may damage kit.

Do you have adequate resource available?

The planning, decommissioning, transporting, reinstalling and testing of equipment during a DC move is no small task. And demands a significant amount of resource. Organisations with a small team of in-house engineers may need to look to a third party for additional support to ensure the move can be made as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Do you need to maintain business operations during the move?

Though a more complex process, requiring significant planning, it is possible to move a data centre in stages, maintaining full business operation throughout. Businesses should consider whether this is something that would be of value to them. Service providers, for example, may decide that delivering an uninterrupted service to their customers is of vital importance to the business.

Is all the equipment to be re-used?

This includes racks as well as any networking equipment. Consideration should be given to any new racks or equipment that need to be purchased. Equally, if any equipment is now redundant, how will this be securely decommissioned and disposed of?

Hardware offers a suite of services to assist in the planning and deployment of a data centre move. Our dedicated engineers have many years of experience and have built up a good understanding of the process and its challenges. We can offer as much or as little support as you require, from on-demand engineers to full project management. Contact us for more information.