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Maximising business performance through effective networks

2nd March 2018 | In Networking

Flexibility, service quality and responsiveness were key requirements for a bespoke cloud service provider. Find out how Hardware.com ensured this became a simple reality following a core network transition.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE Flexibility, service quality and responsiveness were the key values of a bespoke cloud service provider and, as such, they needed a network that could deliver speed and reliability and a supplier who could implement this for them. BUSINESS SOLUTION Though the company’s incumbent network system had been supplied by one vendor for many years providing a strong element of familiarity for their engineers, Hardware.com came up with such an attractive and viable alternative they had to investigate further. We ran a design and proof-of-concept workshop to introduce the suggested alternative system and demonstrate its performance ability. The results were so strong they convinced the company and its engineers that a complete network transition would be the best option and would also reduce costs. Our invaluable J-Switch network switching service ensured they were provided with all the knowledge, support and guidance they needed to make the change with minimal hassle and disruption. We developed a thorough implementation plan and ran bespoke training to ensure every engineer gained the skills necessary to manage to new network.