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Keeping the tills open at peak times

5th March 2018 | In Application Delivery

By achieving fast, secure and available application delivery, a leading sports retailer was able to dismiss the worries of the many external pressures on their network and guarantee the tills stayed open.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE To meet its ambitious UK and European growth aspirations, a leading UK-based sports retailer needed to expand its mission-critical e-commerce websites, applications and store connectivity. Unfortunately, these goals were hindered by the existing network infrastructure. The lack of flexibility and scalability of its legacy network infrastructure threatened to limit growth and negatively affect customer service. The infrastructure was not robust, agile or highly available and it did not provide the competitive edge it needed in a highly challenging market. With over 600 stores across the UK and Europe, a solutions provider was required that could cater for this scale and complexity. BUSINESS SOLUTION Hardware.com’s system architects evaluated a variety of solutions from multiple vendors and proposed a solution that was feature rich, high performing, reliable, secure and scalable. The solution uses the F5 BIG-IP platform running BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and BIG-IP Application Security Manager to balance network traffic across multiple servers, thereby protecting against outages, unplanned changes and unpredictably high levels of traffic, bandwidth pressures and web threats. This ensures 100% availability of both application infrastructure and the e-commerce site in the face of inevitable external pressures.