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How to save money on your network

15th May 2020 | In Support
The answer is simple, look at your support.

Every business is looking at their finances and projects that were planned are now on hold, and rightly so, but, the one area that you can’t ignore is the network as this is the lifeline for every business.

Demands from users right now and expectation that things will ‘just work’ is higher than ever.

How can you ensure that you are optimising the network and saving money at the same time?

Do you have any in place? If not, why not? What happens if one of your assets fail, any downtime hugely outweighs the cost of support.

Can your support identify assets that can be traded in? This limits the impact of failing kit that is just limping along.

Dedicated 24/7 support with a single point of contact to allow for a faster resolution time than going direct with the vendor ensuring a better service level to your customers.

Online support portal to track, list and control all your assets. Opex and Capex options to help with the costs hassle free. Hardware will arrange everything for you technically, commercially and financially.

Call us today to discuss options and get saving! 01285 771600.

Becky Gale, Head of Advanced Networking Practice, Hardware
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