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How secure is your network?

16th July 2020 | In Security
It is sad but true that there are people out there that will try and make the most of the current situation by attacking networks and individual accounts to make gains. 60% of organisations had severe exploits in 2019 due to lack of visibility.

The average cost for a breach of security for companies is £3.1m.

Home working is going to be utilised more and can be a challenge for IT teams to manage. This doesn’t mean the end of the office building and network, far from it. The network is just changing and there is help out there to assist. Secure network architectures need to constantly evolve to keep up with the latest advanced persistent threats. There are two ways to find out if your solution isn’t keeping up – wait for a breach to happen or run validation tests.

Designed to help get an in-depth view of the current state of your network using FortiGate to get a clear view of vulnerable areas, a Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment (CTAP) can help you better understand which application vulnerabilities are being used to attack your network, which malware or botnets were detected, what phishing attacks are making it through your defences, which devices are at risk – for security breach probability.

Click to view Fortinet example report

Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) is deployed via a FortiGate, monitored over a 5-7 day period with no interruption to service, it is designed to help you by giving an in-depth view of the current state of your network in 3 key areas:
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Ultilisation

Becky Gale, Head of Advanced Networking Practice, Hardware.

Find out more by speaking to one of our solution architects on 01285 771600 or contact us.

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