The Truth about Hosted Exchange

Whilst Microsoft Exchange is a well-known product, not all Hosted Exchange services are the same. Read on for answers to some common questions around Hosted Exchange. And find out how sets themselves apart from other providers:

1. Will I lose control?

With 24/7 access to your emails, files, services and user accounts as well as the ability to add users and configure settings yourself, it’s a myth to suggest a migration to Hosted Exchange equates to a loss of control.

What is passed to the supplier is the time consuming and complex responsibility of provisioning, managing, maintaining and upgrading the physical servers required to run the service.

The user, meanwhile, gains greater access to mail, tasks, contacts and appointments from any remote location via laptop, tablet or mobile. Any tools previously associated with Exchange, including Track and Trace, Single Sign On and links to active directories are also available, dependent on your supplier.

2. Will I pay a lot for storage? offers an unlimited storage policy. You pay one fee and have access to all the storage you need, when you need it. And this makes for a cost effective and straightforward solution.

3. Is it difficult to migrate?

Our proven delivery processes, backed by our wealth of knowledge and experience in the cloud computing and networking arenas, enable us to provide fast and efficient migration service.

Working closely with you, we follow a comprehensive methodology and best-practice guide. This ensures we fully understand and meet all your requirements within the agreed timeframes. So you don’t need to worry.

4. Will I receive a better service through Microsoft Office 365?

Customers often think by going direct they cut out the middle man and achieve greater efficiency. The reality is quite different. Large corporations such as Microsoft are simply unable to deliver the same personalised service levels and speed of response as a smaller provider. offers reliable support with guaranteed SLAs to ensure any faults are resolved with speed and efficiency. So you can continue to operate your business with minimal disruption.

Furthermore, we can ensure your email is hosted locally in the UK rather than in the US or other location so you can be sure you remain compliant with data sovereignty.

5. Is Hosted Exchange more expensive?

While a move to Hosted Exchange may feel costly, it’s important to remember the ongoing savings it will bring. Be sure to fully calculate, not just the initial set up costs, but the, often overlooked costs. Such as server hardware and software maintenance, power, cooling, security and ongoing provisioning of IT resource. The cost of managing these resources in-house can quickly mount up so it’s important to take them all into account when comparing the costs of a hosted solution.

Furthermore, with fees calculated on a per user basis, Hosted Exchange means you only ever pay for the resource you need at one time. Eliminating the costs of over-provisioning.