Are you a Network Leasing Company? We can help you Recover Thousands!

Network leasing can turn expensive equipment into an affordable investment for the customer. However, network leasing companies stand to lose thousands on un-returned kit if they can’t provide an effective solution for retrieving this equipment.

The customers in question could be located anywhere across the world. And often don’t have the facility or knowledge to ship goods back to their provider.

Elliott Horton, Support Services and Business Operations Manager at talks us through the service they can provide to help businesses in such a position:

“ runs an extensive operations centre alongside a highly efficient global logistics operation. We have expertise in shipping worldwide. And a number of strong in-country partnerships in more challenging regions such as Russia, Japan and South Korea which enable us to reliably ship goods in and out.

We can assist network leasing companies in recovering their kit. And we provide boxes, shipping labels and collection notes to offices worldwide before managing all import and export regulations. All the customer in question has to do is pack the equipment in the box ready for collection. We also have extensive experience in recognising part codes, weights and dimensions. This gives you the reassurance that the equipment collected is exactly the item it should be.”

Though leased kit inevitably suffers from value depreciation, there is still potential value to be gained. Particularly from a large quantity of equipment:

“ offers a buy-back scheme on used kit. We can return equipment to our warehouse, assess its condition and value and offer a fair market buy-back price on the kit. We can also run data destruction services to ensure no sensitive information or configurations remain.”

Services such as this one resolve significant pain areas for network leasing companies. And can result in the recovery of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of lost investment.