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Modernising the Data Centre

3rd October 2018 | In Data Centre
The digital economy is transforming every industry, driving rapid, fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. These changes aren’t simply a passing trend, but the new reality. Companies need to deliver on the service expectations of their digitally empowered customers. The expectations go beyond ease of use; it’s the customer experience that really matters. Consumers demand proactive, personalised experience – whenever, wherever, and however they do business. To meet this ever-increasing demand for faster innovation, business stakeholders are asking more from the IT teams that support their initiatives. Organisations need a more agile, service-oriented IT model and the data centre is at the heart of this new approach. However, IT executives and managers face major challenges in building data centres that support the demands of agile businesses, modern applications, and integrating the public cloud such as:
  • Lack of agility due to operational complexity As companies evolve, they accumulate new technologies and more complexity. These heterogeneous environments often span different siloed environments, with fragmented management that’s slow and resource-intensive.
  • Operational and compliance risks Cloud silos and outdated management approaches can introduce risk and create compliance issues that impact the entire business. Those risks can increase if IT teams have not yet automated the secure, standardised delivery of resources like networking, security, and infrastructure services.
  • Static or shrinking IT budgets Budget constraints aren’t new to IT, but they’re especially challenging when technical expectations are growing. Traditional infrastructure environments are becoming too expensive to purchase, costly to maintain, and difficult to scale in a fast-changing digital economy.
  • Acquiring and keeping top IT talent The best employees are hard to find and harder to retain. Keeping employees focused on strategic challenges is difficult when they are consumed by day-to-day operations.
  • Pressure to support the latest technology Today’s IT teams strive to stay competitive with the latest hardware, tools, and cloud services, while continuing to utilise existing investments and avoiding vendor lock-in. They need to support not only traditional applications, but modern technologies like cloud-native applications, containers, and micro-services based architectures.

What is a Modern Data Centre?

To overcome their most pressing issues and help organisations keep up with the digital economy, IT are exploring ways to modernise the data centre. This isn’t a single solution, but a continuous journey. A modern data centre gives the agility and scalability needed to support rapid business innovation and growth. It’s based on a highly virtualised, software-defined, automated platform that’s extensible to the public cloud. Elastically scalable and enterprise-ready, it provides a consistent operational model across hybrid clouds. A modern data centre approach gives the security, compliance, and availability required to support traditional and new cloud-native applications and business requirements. The organisations that survive and thrive will be those that can engage customers with a superior experience. The modern, software-defined data centre is becoming the cornerstone of building a more agile business. By embracing it, organisations take a dramatic step forward on their journey toward digital transformation through software that helps deliver what is needed to drive innovation and growth, and the flexibility to be more proactive and shift resources to strategic initiatives. We partner with VMware to help organisations establish a software-defined environment of natively integrated compute, storage, and network virtualisation technologies with automation and management, to support any workload from traditional enterprise applications to modern cloud-native applications. ‘Modernising the Data Centre’ excerpts taken from the VMWare whitepapers entitled ‘Future Proof Your Data Center with VMWare’ and ‘A Modern Data Center is Essential for the Digital Economy’.

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Business models are changing fast in today’s emerging digital economy, and these changes are creating new demands for IT organisations. Find out more by downloading the whitepaper. Download Whitepaper

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