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Helping You Define a Robust Security Posture

4th May 2018 | In Security
At Hardware.com, we help customers understand their security risks and identify an appropriate posture. Then we offer, and implement controls to achieve and maintain those aims.


We provide advanced technical solutions and services for both networking and security. Our technical capabilities span audit, design, implementation and support across multiple vendors. With security in particular, our approach is to encourage customers to independently understand their current posture. And then, to choose their strategy based on the organisational risk appetite. This approach leads to better decision making in the broader context. Plus, it follows the processes of the established information security frameworks.


Our 5-stage model represents our standard engagement framework and details the services we offer within a customer’s operations. Additionally, it sets out where this model fits within the industry established information security management systems and guidance from NIST, CESG and CIS. Crucially, as providers of security solutions and to avoid a conflict of interest, we believe the evaluation of weighted risk for selection of security strategy should be distanced from the proposal, selection and provision of solutions. Our Lifecycle Model provides a means for you to engage our technical services at specific stages, while abstaining from others, to maintain this separation. The security lifecycle is continuous so there is no wrong time to start. Whichever stage you are at, Hardware.com can provide technical input to your operations. And we can do so within your existing framework.


We work with a range of leading security partners. And our experienced Solutions Architects can help you design and build better, more secure systems for the future. Learn More

Find out more about our Lifecycle Model, services and solutions and how we can help you minimise the risk to your organisation.