Hardware Group Wins Juniper Partner Deal Of 2014

At the Juniper EMEA Partner Summit in London on December 3rd 2014, Hardware Group received the award for Juniper Networks Partner Deal of 2014. This follows the accolade of Juniper Networks Commercial Partner of the year EMEA 2014, won earlier in the year.

Hardware Group was awarded Partner Deal of 2014 for their work with Outsourcery, a leading provider of cloud services, well known for its celebrity Co-CEO, Piers Linney from the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Hardware Group worked with Outsourcery to deliver a network that provided the highest levels of service availability, exceptional resilience, high performance, scalability and flexibility.

With security at the forefront, four Juniper security appliances were utilised to provide the highest level of protection for high-speed networks against all levels of attacks, giving Outsourcery confidence in the security of their cloud services.

Equally, due to the nature of their business, reliability and resilience in the service Outsourcery offer is vital. Our engineers worked to install F5 load balancers to monitor the performance of individual servers in real time and distribute load to maximise availability. This means, even with high usage volumes, applications remain accessible at all times, ensuring their customers receive the outstanding service they expect.

Pre-staging allowed each of these elements to be set up, configured and tested ensuring 100% operational equipment and minimising installation time on site. Stress testing was also provided, demonstrating the system’s ability to perform under high usage and ensuring all promised objectives could be delivered.

The implementation utilised a wide range of Hardware Group technical services that combined to create a full solution with unrivalled service delivery. Services used included:

  • Consultancy
  • Technical pre-sales
  • Proof of concept
  • Pre-staging
  • Configuration service
  • Stress testing
  • Global logistics
  • Equipment supply

One of Juniper’s highest certified global partners

On the road to becoming one of Juniper’s highest certified global partners, Hardware Group has invested significantly in dedicated pre-staging, training and lab facilities in the UK and US, ensuring its customers receive an unrivalled service. In addition, Hardware Group customers have access to a wide range of Juniper demonstration equipment to test drive, helping them choose the products that meet their requirements.

Juniper Networks pedigree

Hardware Group has a strong Juniper pedigree which can be seen in the multiple awards and accreditations we have been honoured with:

  • Commercial Partner of the Year 2014
  • Juniper EMEA Advisory Council Member
  • Juniper Elite Partner
  • Elite Network Infrastructure Partner
  • Elite Advanced Security Partner
  • Elite Wireless LAN
  • Elite Portfolio Partner
  • Partner Support Specialist
  • Certified Systems Engineers and Ingenious Champions (JNIE/JNCIA/JNCIS/JNCIP)
  • Systems Engineer of the Year – Jake Greenland