Are Your Company Profits Locked In Your Store Room?

With new technology entering the market at all times, an upgrade often sees faster, more scalable and higher performing equipment replacing older pieces of kit and boosting your network capabilities. In this instance, it can be tempting to think the older, redundant equipment doesn’t have much value left. And so it’s relegated to the store room for a rainy day when it might be needed.

In reality, redundant kit often still holds significant value. Either as a useable piece that could function highly effectively elsewhere within your architecture, given a little restorative TLC. Or in terms of monetary value, as a result of a buy-back or trade-in scheme.

Don’t underestimate the value of your used equipment

Refurbishment and repair options can return equipment to manufacturer standards, upgrading software and configurations along the way so that it can continue to be serviceable for years to come. With the correct refurbishment and secure data erasure to remove all previous configurations, kit can happily be redeployed. Perhaps to underpin some of the newer, more sophisticated technology.

If you really have no use internally for this equipment, it’s always worth finding out what value it holds. A full capex review will provide you with a comprehensive register of all your equipment, its value and estimated depreciation over time. This allows you to make informed decisions about what you choose to trade in and when.

With buy-back schemes, you can receive highest market value for your equipment or trade it in to offset the cost of new equipment. Even if it really has seen better days, it can still be sold on for use as spares. Therefore providing some return to your company.

One thing is for sure, unused assets locked in your stock room are losing value with each day that passes. Essentially costing you money which could be topping up your bottom line.

Though unlikely, if your equipment really does hold no worthwhile value, making it end-of-life in its truest sense, there’s little purpose in allowing it to take up valuable storage space. Instead it should be securely cleared of all data and environmentally disposed of or sent for recycling.

Value Added Services

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