Benefits Of IT Hardware Refurbishment

Whether buying previously refurbished hardware or refurbishing your own kit ready for redeployment, there are some significant benefits to be gained from IT hardware refurbishment.

Cost savings

With up to 90% cost savings, hardware refurbishment can have a considerable impact on your IT budget. Allowing your budget to stretch further, you’ll have the option to purchase additional equipment. Or invest in a new project or reallocate funds elsewhere. Whatever your plans, such impressive cost savings are hard to ignore.


There is a common misconception that buying refurbished equipment is akin to buying a second-hand car – you may get lucky and find it works and services you for years, but you may also be riddled with costly problems, break-downs and unreliability. This misconception makes buying refurbished seem like a risk many businesses aren’t prepared to take.

The truth is far removed from this scenario. A reputable trader will ensure refurbished equipment is tested to manufacturer standards. They’ll ensure it is every bit as good as new, every time, with a warranty to prove it. Any equipment that cannot be restored to this condition will simply not be refurbished, so the risk really becomes minimal.

Furthermore, because the equipment has been restored to such high standards and thoroughly tested, failure rates will be greatly reduced. This means the equipment will not only last longer, but will retain its value for longer as well.

Environmentally Responsible

According to government statistics, an estimated 2 million tonnes of waste electrical items are discarded by households and companies in the UK each year. Rapid technological progression only serves to increase these figures as the race for the latest models means older, but still fully functional equipment, is often discarded.

Hardware refurbishment reduces waste by allowing these items to be used to their full potential for the full duration of their useable life.

Official WEEE guidelines also suggest that, where possible, electronic equipment should be refurbished and reused. This means this is the environmentally responsible option and will sit well alongside any green initiatives.

If you are considering hardware refurbishment as an option, look out for our next article, A Guide to Buying Refurbished IT Hardware. This details what to look for from a supplier when buying refurbished equipment or when refurbishing your existing kit.

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