Asset Recovery: Save Money On Your Network

Network infrastructure signifies substantial investment and can make the difference between the success and failure of a company. But through budget constrictions and spending restraints, many companies are now seeking alternative methods of financing and sourcing critical infrastructure upgrades. At we endeavour to reduce network infrastructure costs and one way we help to resolve budget limitations is through IT asset recovery.

In today’s ever changing business landscape, your company has to be dynamic. And deploy new applications fast to stay ahead of your competition.  Due to ever decreasing budgets, new applications are often deployed on existing infrastructure which is already creaking at the seams.  Due to the cost of upgrades, the network is often running far beyond its useful lifespan or support terms from the manufacturer.

When the infrastructure is eventually upgraded redundant equipment can be seen cluttering up server rooms, under desks or even worse still connected to the main corporate network.  This can be for a number of reasons from high disposal costs through to not knowing what to actually do with old redundant infrastructure.

Asset recovery is no longer a novelty among today’s streetwise network managers. But an alternative way to help fund upgrades and to help stretch those budgets.  You should view asset recovery as part of the life-cycle of your equipment and should not simply dispose of it when it is no longer required – most things will have a value!

Without exploiting the trade-in value of your current equipment, your budget only goes so far.  Our asset recovery program allows your business the flexibility to turn assets into credit towards new purchases. Or turn them into cash for other ventures.

What does that mean? How do you get the most value? Well, it’s pretty simple if you take 3 simple steps with us.

Inventory and analysis

At, we have experienced specialists that work in the private and public sectors with the aim of delivering value that meets each client’s needs and offers a wide range of flexible solutions.

Our advanced analysis can draw invaluable and precise information on how to restructure your network and make it suitable for your needs. And also provide new ways to manage assets and reduce hardware support expenses.

Bearing in mind the current status and the objectives for your network performance, we can work with you to produce an audit of your existing infrastructure.   This includes an inventory review and full analysis of options for the removal of redundant equipment. Also the suitability of planned upgrades, eligibility for promotions, and implications for equipment disposal.

We’ll focus our recommendations on maximising the financial returns from your IT assets through managed upgrades and /or equipment re-sale and disposal.

Secure data removal

Once you have agreed with our recommendations and an action plan has been decided, the entire process will move very quickly.

Our team of engineers will test the equipment and remove any existing configuration files. Additionally, they will make sure that any asset tags or anything leading to the identity of the equipment is removed.

Trade-in and disposal

Equipment eligible for trade-in is delivered directly to the manufacturer in accordance with negotiated agreements. Customers will typically receive a percentage return against the list price of new equipment. Taken as either an up-front discount on individual purchases or as a credit against the customer’s account. Or a as an entirely separate payment.

If no opportunity to take advantage of either trade-in or re-sale of equipment exists, then we will arrange for the full and proper disposal of the equipment. We can even help if your old equipment has no market value. For a nominal fee we’ll eliminate the hassle of disposal in accordance with government disposal guidelines.

Now you have the knowledge, choice and opportunities to boost your budget while also considering your company security and resources.

In summary, the highlights of asset recovery are:

  • Fair Market Value Assessment
  • Stress-free logistics management (from inventory identification to value confirmation)
  • Cash or trade-in credit payment options
  • Professional support available at every step
  • Certification of destruction for disposed assets

Value Added Services

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