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3 Major Challenges to the Security of Your Data

26th June 2018 | In Networking
Is your enterprise planning to leverage cloud computing and mobile computing in order to improve business agility, increase employee productivity and lower capital expenses? If so, you are no doubt aware that your enterprise is also increasing its attack surface. Cloud-based technologies, smartphones, social media and mobile applications give cybercriminals and hackers more opportunities to find weak points in your security and unpatched vulnerabilities on systems and devices. As a result, a single Achilles’ heel can result in a loss of confidential information and intellectual property worth millions. To keep your data and network safe, your organisation must overcome three security challenges:

1. Integrate and deploy a comprehensive set of security services to detect and block an expanding array of threats

Today, you need to defend against a widening array of attack techniques. Threat actors are devising new types of obfuscated malware for zero-day attacks, new spear phishing and social engineering techniques and new forms of advanced persistent threats (APTs) that can hide on your network for weeks or months. To counter these threats, you need to deploy a range of diverse security technologies. Additionally, you must be able to deploy and manage them cost-effectively. Additionally, you need to ensure that your security solutions are integrated, so that an attack detected by one technology can be blocked by another. Yet supporting and integrating multiple point products is very expensive and difficult. In brief: you need a solution that integrates defences against malware, phishing, malicious URLs, zero-day attacks and other threats

2. Close the gap between intelligence and enforcement to cope with zero-day and advanced targeted attacks

We know that threat intelligence is a critical weapon in the war against cybercriminals and hackers. It allows security defences to block probes and detect advanced attacks before they can do serious damage. But threat intelligence loses most of its value if it is distributed too slowly, or if it doesn’t reach all of the enterprise’s enforcement points. In brief: you need the latest and most relevant threat intelligence pushed automatically to hundreds or thousands of devices

3. Leverage centralised visibility and management to identify and address threats wherever they are detected inside or outside the network perimeter

You have to assume that some attackers will be able to penetrate the perimeter and establish beachheads inside. That means your team needs to be able to spot suspicious activities anywhere they occur. Even in the far corners of the network. You also need to take immediate action to shut down outbound communication to the attacker’s command and control servers, and to update firewalls across the enterprise so they can stop further penetrations by the attackers. In brief: you need a solution that detects suspicious activity anywhere in the network and distribute new policies quickly from a central location Are cloud computing and mobility making you more vulnerable? We partner with Juniper to provide automated, scalable and secure network solutions that offer agility, performance and value. ‘3 Major Challenges to Securing Your Data’ taken from TechTarget and Juniper research.
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