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Expert addition to your team

18th March 2018 | In Networking

When an established supplier of technology in education took on a project to deliver a core network transition and roll-out of new customer premises equipment into a segment of schools, they needed a supplier to assist them in providing a great service.



As well as delivery of the equipment, the client was seeking someone to offer expert product advice and assurance that the chosen system was the best choice for their customer’s requirements.



Recognising the importance of selecting the right equipment to suit the customer’s specific needs, our engineers ran workshops in our bespoke demonstration environment. This allowed for hands-on experience and testing of the products, including stress tests, to prove the equipment performed under load. The process reassured our client that the equipment they were delivering to their customer would perform well before any investment was made. Following this, our pre-staging services allowed configuration and set-up of all equipment prior to shipping using the specific site information provided by the company. From here, all equipment was ready to be shipped direct to its final location where it could easily be installed by the company’s own engineers. The whole project was hugely successful and the company were delighted by the comprehensive offering Hardware.com provided. We considered all aspects and ensured a seamless and hassle-free process from beginning to end, meaning they too could deliver an exceptional service to their customers.