One of the UK’s largest construction companies recovered thousands of pounds on their surplus IT equipment.

Business Challenge

When two British construction companies merged, they found themselves with a full warehouse of duplicate network and communications equipment, less than 2 years old, that was no longer needed.


A huge investment at stake and with Cisco finance in place, the company needed advice on how to release the value of their surplus system and physically remove the equipment from site.


With a strong environmental policy within the company, it was also important that the solution was as environmentally friendly as possible.

Business Solution

Hardware.com provided a complete solution. As the equipment was relatively new and fully functional, it still held considerable value, meaning decommissioning or disposal would be a needless waste.


After running a check on the redemption penalties associated with the Cisco finance in place, Hardware.com was able to audit the customer’s equipment and provide a highest market valuation at which they would agree to buy the equipment back, thereby allowing the company to recover the maximum value from their investment.


Logistically, Hardware.com arranged for the physical removal of the equipment back into their own operations centre where it was assessed, refurbished to a good-as-new condition and returned to market.

Key project objectives

  • Release equity in surplus system
  • Arrange for the removal of physical equipment

Why Hardware.com?

  • Trusted advisor status with multiple vendor partners
  • Multi-million $ demo labs
  • Dedicated logistics operation
  • Rapid order processing
  • Experienced engineer resource
  • Design and testing capabilities
  • Pre-Staging facilities
  • Proven project methodology
  • 24/7 support
  • Single point of contact
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified

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Solution Proposal & Benefits

  • Largest European Juniper deployment in commercial space
  • Pre-staging facility to test proposed design
  • Failure scenarios and stress testing
  • Interoperability testing with alternative vendor
  • Informal SE training on new vendor platform
  • Remote access to the test environment to allow for 24/7 testing by the customer

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