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Don’t get tied up in the Cloud – Own your data

24th July 2020 | In Cloud
The majority of businesses are either using cloud services or planning to use cloud services. But if you are on this journey who do you use?

We all know that the cost of pushing your data up to the cloud is nothing, but the cost of taking your data back can be eye wateringly expensive! So, it is really important that you choose carefully where you are going to put your data as the chances are you will never be able to move it.

With cloud services you can spin up services you need when you need them, and then just turn them off when you don’t, but wouldn’t it be better if you weren’t tied to wherever your data is being hosted? The big cloud service providers are always running promotions and offers to entice you to their systems, but your data can’t be moved without huge expense.

Unless you are using HPE Cloud Volumes; finally now there is a solution to all the above problems:

  • Extract your data without the huge expense – HPE Cloud Volumes.
  • Spin up services from multiple cloud service providers without the expense of moving data from one to the next – HPE Cloud Volumes.
HPE Cloud volumes hosts your data in the cloud, you can then choose to present this data to whichever of the cloud service providers you want and consume their compute because the data is never being hosted with one of the cloud service providers, which means you can use whichever service provider is giving you the best deal at the time.

All you pay HPE is the cost of storing the data for you, you can extract it at any time without paying the huge fees to do it.

It really is the cloud as the cloud should be.

Julian Lawn, Head of ESS, Hardware

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