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COVID-19: Staying Safe Online and Offline

7th January 2021 | In Cloud
In a world where remote working is becoming ever more the norm, the opportunity that a home worker, a worker enjoying their morning coffee from a coffee shop or simply someone working on the train has insufficient security software is becoming increasingly greater.

With Cisco seeing an increase to 130M+ meeting attendees per month on their WebEx platform, it is no surprise that cyber criminals are now preying on the home worker as the attack surface broadens.

You may be reading this article from the comfort of your home office, kitchen table or, like some colleagues, your bed …

This is likely not by choice but by necessity, as such, the speed in which you were required to up sticks and work from home, means you and your employer would not have had time to install, test and prepare you on the associated cybercrime risks.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 online crime has increased rapidly. It is acknowledged that the reason for the rise in online, fraudulent cybercrime is solely due to the lack of security software, firewalls and protective protocols in place for remote working.

Cyber criminals are now more than ever looking to extract money from the flustered, unprepared and non-aware, exploiting the current situation. With a dramatic increase of malicious domains being created daily, relating to COVID-19.

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Remember, stay safe both online and offline …

Kerri Haines, Cisco Vendor Manager, Hardware

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