Core-Licence Reduction

The Challenge

Enterprise applications increasingly rely on a core-licence model, with core licensing costing up to £25K per-core application deployment and support maintenance is a crippling expense.


Our Solutions

If we buck the current trend and deploy a hardware defined appliance specifically designed for the software it will be running we can reduce licence exposure by up to 80%.  Because of the license savings the cost of the new hardware is less than the licence cost reduction.  Think of this as Microsoft / Oracle buying you a shiny new infrastructure.

CPU Generation
Sample Server Model
Additional Cores / Licences Required
(vs. Skylake CPU)
Additional Licensing Cost (£GBP) *
Dell EMC
SQL Enterprise DB
@ £18K/2-Cores
Oracle Enterprise DB
@ £47K/2-Cores
Skylake 2018 DL380 Gen10 R740 Gen14 N/A N/A N/A
Broadwell EP 2017 DL380 Gen9 R730 Gen13 70% £30,545.45 £79,757.58
Haswell EP 2017 DL380 Gen9 R730 Gen13 71% £30,844.55 £80,538.56
IvyBridge EX 2016 DL580 Gen8 R920 Gen12 112% £38,181.82 £99,696.97
IvyBridge EP 2015 DL380 Gen8 R720 Gen12 59% £28,539.07 £74,518.69
SandyBridge EP 2015 DL380 Gen8 R720 Gen12 69% £30,453.17 £79,516.62
Westmere EX 2015 DL580 Gen7 R810 Gen11 210% £55,875.83 £145,898.00
Depicts cost of licensing of older chipset to match performance against current Skylake CPU
* Sample pricing as of Apr 2018


When it comes to compute for core business applications, standing still is not an option. Historic upgrade cycles of 3 years are a thing of the past. Rather than thinking “can we afford to upgrade?”, we should ask ourselves “can we afford not too”.


By prioritising compute power to match licensing requirements, achievable savings can more than subsidise the cost of a hardware upgrade.


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