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Now is the time to upgrade

Owing to a rapidly evolving threat landscape, it has become increasingly difficult to detect all threats.

To combat this Hardware has teamed with Palo Alto on their Ultimate Threat Protection Campaign programme. This programme aims to, under the Security Simplified umbrella, assist customers with Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and security services. Detailed below is a discounted bundle that allows you to take advantage of the latest innovations including; Policy Optimizer, DNS Security, Credential Theft Prevention and ML-based phishing protection.

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Palo PA-820
Palo PA-820 - Security appliance. Call us today for a quote.
Palo PA-850
Palo PA-850 - Security appliance. Call us today for a quote.


Palo PA-3250 - Security appliance. Call us today for a quote.
Palo PA-3250 - Security appliance. Call us today for a quote.

Subscriptions you can use with the Firewall

The following Palo Alto Networks subscriptions unlock certain firewall features or enable the firewall to leverage a Palo Alto Networks cloud-delivered service (or both). Here you can read more about each service or feature that requires a subscription to work with the firewall. To enable a subscription, you must first Activate Subscription Licenses; once active, most subscription services can use Dynamic Content Updates to provide new and updated functionality to the firewall.

Threat Prevention Provides:

  • Antivirus, anti-spyware (command-and-control), and vulnerability protection.
  • Built-in external dynamic lists that you can use to secure your network against malicious hosts.
  • Ability to identify infected hosts that try to connect to malicious domains.

DNS Security

Provides enhanced DNS sinkholing capabilities by querying DNS Security, an extensible cloud-based service capable of generating DNS signatures using advanced predictive analytics and machine learning. This service provides full access to the continuously expanding DNS-based threat intelligence produced by Palo Alto Networks. To set up DNS Security, you must first purchase and install a Threat Prevention license.

URL Filtering

Provides the ability to not only control web-access, but how users interact with online content based on dynamic URL categories. You can also prevent credential theft by controlling the sites to which users can submit their corporate credentials.

To set up URL Filtering, you must purchase and install a subscription for one of the supported URL filtering databases: PAN-DB or BrightCloud. With PAN-DB, you can set up access to the PAN-DB public cloud or to the PAN-DB private cloud.


Although basic WildFire® support is included as part of the Threat Prevention license, the WildFire subscription service provides enhanced services for organizations that require immediate coverage for threats, frequent WildFire signature updates, advanced file type forwarding (APK, PDF, Microsoft Office, and Java Applet), as well as the ability to upload files using the WildFire API. A WildFire subscription is also required if your firewalls will be forwarding files to an on-premise WF-500 appliance.


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