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Hardware are Partners with the Top 3 Compute & Store names: Dell, HPE and Lenovo.



Dell EMC Poweredge T640

In a world where everything is software defined, we sometimes forget just how important the hardware layer is, but getting the hardware right means less licensing and more performance for the budget. Spending more doesn't always increase performance, spending the money where it needs to be spent gives the best user experience.


HPE Modular Smart Array 2050 SAN Dual Controller LFF Storage

Storage architecture is more than just storing data, it is a critical part of the infrastructure and if correct will be invisible to the estate. All storage offers huge amounts of capacity and performance. The differentiator is how easily it is managed, how much management it requires and how available it is.

Our Approach

Our approach is to gain an understanding of what your current IT infrastructure set-up is and what your main challenges and problems are. The goal of Hardware has always been to find the best solution for our customers' unique challenges, whether Cost Reduction, Limiting Downtime, Reducing Latency, Increasing Performance... Hence why we avoid the "cookie cutter" approach of Vendors and other resellers.
This vendor flexibility is what lies at the heart of our approach. We're often asked to quote for a particular Dell/Lenovo/HPE product; however, brand is the last thing we look at. Getting the solution & specification correct is where we start. It also means you're buying the right product, not what a Vendor wants you to buy.

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Key Problems or Challenges

Whilst having 4 Hour Support is a reassurance, what if waiting 4 hours to have a failed Power Supply costs your business £10K in lost revenue? – We design systems that take into account your business priorities.

Licensing Costs
Keeping track of Server OS Licensing is complex – It's constantly changing (as per VMWares 2020 Core per CPU update) and becoming increasingly costly. Understanding Windows Server, VMWare, Oracle and SQL means we can design cost effective systems which pay for themselves over their lifecycle by reducing Licence costs.

Logistics and Leadtime Issues
Whether it's a one-off deployment or rolling out Servers to multiple sites, with different builds, we have the Warehousing and Logistics experience to do this, Worldwide. If you're suffering from Leadtime problems our supply-chain can source from alterative sources and we can hold stock on a Call out basis when you're ready to deploy.

Whilst nobody knows exactly where there IT requirements will be in the future, we can at least give you a cost effective upgrade path, rather than relying on forklift upgrades. With Servers, adopting a Single Gold Xeon rather than Dual Socket Silver Xeons gives you the same IOPS Performance, better memory utilization and the ability to add more Power in future. Likewise with Storage, you need to know that your chosen SAN/DAS/HCI solution isn't limited to a fixed number of Nodes leaving you without room for expansion.

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Common IT Issues that Hardware can Help Solve

Cost of running the servers is high
You may be able to consolidate machines to save money.
Having to replace things every few years
We can architect in expandability allowing you to scale up/down according to your business needs/growth.
Applications running slowly / performance issues
Infosight monitoring and tracking applications can be built in and will improve productivity by easing their management needs.
Need to sweat my assets
We can work with you to build the business case to illustrate how not sweating your assets can actually save you money.
Support is too expensive
Don't go without, we can show how you can upgrade and have support instead of paying for support renewal with old equipment.
Business has just implemented a new application (CRM/ERP)
Now is the time to ensure your environment is suitable to cope with the increased traffic and avoid issues.

Server and Storage Solutions

Cloud Ready


Future Proof Your Infrastructure - Intelligent Storage

Migrating to your businesses data, workload or apps to the cloud ultimately ensures your business is more responsive and able to scale quickly when required. If you're reluctant to transition fully due to security concerns or other factors, our 'Cloud Ready' solution assists you with that move allowing you to secure your cloud deployments as and when they're rolled out.
Why Cloud-Ready?
Being 'Cloud Ready' future proofs your businesses expansion You'll spend less time manually managing the infrastructure with updates.

Hybrid Infrastructure


Increase Staging Performance - Agility, Flexibility, Security

For businesses that can't move entirely to the cloud, through data security or compliance reasons, hybrid Infrastructure provides you with a mix of cloud and on-premises application deployment. A Hybrid Infrastructure provides the flexibility and affordability of cloud-based solutions, with the added security of an on premises solution.
Why Hybrid Infrastructure?
If you're looking to move some of your application or systems to the cloud, a hybrid infrastructure is the right choice.

On-Premise Systems


Understanding Your Business Needs - Systems Tailored to You

No matter the requirements of your business, on premise solutions are fully customisable to you. Before deploying the software or hardware to your business, we take the time to understand your needs and what the best solution is.
Control your rollout, implementation, and security.

Tech-Ops Services


Tech Ops Services

We have in-house Technical Facilities that allow us to deliver custom/specific builds, which our competitors, direct shipping from vendors or relying on outsourced services, don't have.
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