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Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco SD-WAN

Juniper SD-WAN

Juniper SD-WAN

Juniper SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN allows you to prioritise applications and allow them to traverse a given path throughout the network. For example, you could force all corporate traffic over an MPLS circuit with internet traffic using a standard broadband connection. SD-WAN can automatically identify failures and divert traffic to remaining links minimising disruption to your users.

What can SD-WAN help me with?

Hardware has experience in delivering SD-WAN solutions across multiple vendors such as Juniper, Cisco, Fortinet and Palo Alto. If you are considering an SD-WAN solution speak to one of our experts so that we can help you to decide if SD-WAN is the right solution for your business and which of our vendors is most suitable.
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Common IT issues that SD-WAN helps to solve:

Identify Traffic by Application
Categorise traffic at the application rather than the network layer
Avoid Bandwidth Starvation
Ensure non business critical applications do not over consume bandwidth, starving critical applications.
Reduce Op-Ex
Application prioritisation allows you to implement more cost-effective connectivity solutions while preserving functionality.
Better Business Continuity
If a line goes down, SD-WAN has the capability to simply switch to an alternative to minimize down-time.
With built in Edge security you can ensure that your applications are secure when utilising public network space.
Hybrid Environments
SD-WAN can prioritise applications hosted in the cloud; utilising dedicated links and increasing the user experience.

Some of the Key Benefits of SD-WAN Explained:

  • Better Application Experience - Allows remote sites to connect more easily to networks and/or multi clouds with lower latency, better performance and more reliable connectivity.
  • Instant ROI - MPLS and other connectivity technologies aren't just outdated but are also more expensive when the total cost of ownership is considered. SD-WAN significantly reduces bandwidth costs and capital costs by allowing consolidation of different network and security products while delivering better control and performance.
  • Efficient Operations - SD-WAN uses automation to make connectivity a simpler process across mixed environments, including on-premise, hybrid and cloud. SD-WAN enables centralised orchestration, zero touch provisioning, and analytics.
  • Enhanced Security Posture - Secure SD-WAN enables secure direct internet access. It's critical that an SD-WAN solution can ensure consistent security at all edges, from flexible WAN edges to the cloud edge.

Which Vendors does Hardware work with for SD-WAN?

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