Secure remote management of your critical network infrastructure


Opengear Network Resilience

What Opengear Do

Opengear brings network resilience to IT organisations, ensuring business continuity through Smart Out-of-Band management solutions.

Opengear has evolved from simple terminal servers to complex console servers with the development of centralised management software, embedded 4G-LTE cellular access and NetOps-ready appliances.

Opengear helps you to manage, monitor and remediate your network remotely, even when the primary network is down, or the production network is too congested to respond. Our network resilience platform gives you secure access to provision, configure and troubleshoot critical IT infrastructure without sending someone to site – minimising downtime, protecting SLAs, and saving you money.

Opengear Solutions

Smart Out-of-Band

Smart OoB Datasheet

Network Resilience

Network Resilience Datasheet

SD-WAN Resilience

SD-WAN Resilience Datasheet

NetOps Automation

NetOps Automation Datasheet

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