Is Your IT Sustainable? Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The threat we pose to our planet and the environment is more prominent than ever.


Is Your IT Sustainable? Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Author: Emma Meecham Jones

Benefit your business economically, ethically, and environmentally.

With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled around the corner, the threat we as humans pose to our planet and the environment is more prominent than ever before.

In fact, if Earth's lifetime was depicted as a modern calendar year, we as humans have only existed for around 37 minutes. Yet, following the same scale, one third of Earth's natural and irreplaceable resources have been consumed in just the last 0.2 seconds. The modern human lifestyle is driving our planet into a state beyond repair.

Temperatures are rising and ice caps are melting, and whilst gluing yourself to a pavement may be one solution (re-Insulate Britain protests), making minor amends to our everyday lives and operations could be the force to drive positive change going forward.

So how can we make a difference?

We're all aware of recycling our paper and our plastic, but what about our IT?

Did you know you can benefit your business economically, ethically, and environmentally through the purchase of refurbished or remanufactured IT equipment in upgrade or replacement for existing kit?

Through purchasing this reusable infrastructure, you can reduce your business carbon footprint. The adoption of this equipment will not only come at a competitive price point in comparison to new, but it also reduces the effects of excess manufacturing, and minimalizes your contribution to the impact e-waste and chemical landfill has on our ecosystems worldwide.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment is a huge environmental concern, increasing in volume at three times the rate of average waste growth in the UK, with a large proportion destined for landfill.

More often than not, it would not even be possible to tell refurbished kit from new. It comes with the full vendor certifications and support services, and can only add value to your network, business, and the community at large.

Help contribute to mission Net Zero now. Upgrade your kit the sustainable way.

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