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With a mass of evolving technology and an environment full of cyber threats, new regulations, and protocols on top of a growing, dispersed workforce, building a strong security culture is critical.

Accessing and improving your IT security infrastructure helps you grow, stay in line with legislation, and keeps you ahead of your competition.

Security and Hardware

We have a wealth of expertise's, built over many years, to ensure that you are covered from the core of the network, through the and out to the end points.

The top cyber threats in the last year are phishing and ransomware with a 600% raise in malicious emails costing companies an average of £2 Million. We can offer preventive measures to protect you and your data.

Insider threats account for 33% of all data breaches and we can provide full visibility of your estate and offer training to educate your staff on security best-practise. We work closely with the top security vendors and have a wide portfolio of products and services that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

SAAS and Misconfigurations are the No1 cause of data breaches, with an average of 33 billion records exposed every year. It is estimated that these breaches cost companies $2.5 trillion with the majority of these breaches being avoidable through the deployment of technology and staff education. We can ensure that there are access controls in place with data encryption and a posture assessment completed to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

Common security issues we can solve

Prevent, detect, and monitor unauthorised access, misuse, modifications to the network
End Points
Whether it is a computer, laptop, mobile devices or alike we can protect them
Policies, technologies, applications, and controls secured against attack
Application and Data
Hardware, software and procedures prevented
Allow you to control, monitor and prevent attacks from happening
Protect your critical data against attack by monitoring access and identifying suspicious activity
Identify suspicious activity through email and social media
DNS Protection
Ensure your employees are accessing trusted and legitimate websites and protect them against spoofing
Multi-Factor Authentication
Provide one-time passwords for access to secure systems

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