Hybrid Cloud

A balancing act of cost, flexibility, control, risk and security.


The hybrid cloud model is the right one to adopt in the current climate to offer you a mixture of storage in the cloud and on premise. You can manage your cost and storage flexibility by having different levels of storage depending on your organisations' needs.

Hybrid Cloud Key Benefits:

  • Older data can be pushed to cheaper storage array as it is less likely to be needed on a regular basis or in a fast timescale
  • If you have peaks and troughs of computer usage, you can flex with a hybrid environment to ensure you can cope with these peaks via the cloud solution
  • A hybrid cloud solution can avoid catastrophic data failures as you will have a shared responsibility with the cloud provider
  • Any downtime in the cloud can be avoided by having the back up facility on premise

Cost of running the servers

Can consolidate machines

Having to replace things every few years

Architect in expandability / scale up / scale out

Applications running slowly / performance issues

Infosight* monitoring and tracking applications built in will – Productivity / ease of management

Need to sweat my assets

Business case to illustrate how not doing this can save you money

Support is too expensive

Don't go without, we can show how you can upgrade and have support instead of paying for support renewal

Business has just implemented a new application (CRM/ERP)

This is the time to ensure your environment is suitable to cope with the increased traffic

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