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Don't buy VMware® for HPE servers until you've spoken to us

If you have an existing HPE server estate, or are looking to buy new, and are expecting to purchase VMware® licenses then talk to us FIRST! Due to the unique strategic alliance between HPE and VMware® you can get specialised HPE-VMware® software at significantly cheaper cost than regular VMware® licenses.

However we understand the choice and selection process can be a bit confusing, so whilst we've posted links to these cheaper licenses here in our store, we won't mind if you ask us to help you with that decision-making process. Just contact us by phone +44 1285 771600, email sales@hardware.com or Live Chat and we'll be happy to help.

HPE & VMware® Strategic Alliance

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Partnering for more than 20 years, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware® accelerate your modernization journey by delivering the industry's most complete portfolio of integrated virtualization cloud and mobility solutions and services designed to work as one in your multi-cloud enviroment.

Contact Hardware's HPE & VMware® Specialists

Hardware sales and technical experts can help guide you through the process of selecting your VMware solution to make sure you get the best equipment and software that your business needs. Get in touch and we'll be happy to help:

By Telephone

+44 1285 771600

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