Cyber Security - Is Your Business Safe?

Our reliance on online connections is growing more and more each day.


Cyber Security - Is Your Business Safe?

Author: Emma Meecham Jones

The threat to cyber security has never been greater.

With increasingly remote workforces within an ever more digital society, our reliance on online connection is growing more and more each day. This dependence, alongside streamlining many operations and simplifying the role of an employee, has introduced a new threat to our everyday: cybercrime.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is apparent, and the threat to cyber security has never been greater. The sudden transition to entirely digital activity has provided attackers with a broad playing field to identify potential weak spots. Be that ill-protected networks, or remote workers utilising public Wi-Fi connections, cyber-attacks are proving successful every single second of the day, amounting to unmeasurable damage to businesses globally.

Phishing is a simple and accessible way for those with malicious intentions to easily target an unsuspecting user, whilst the corruption of a network with ransomware, malware and spyware is also becoming all too common in businesses big and small.

These attacks have cost organisations, many of which ar every high profile, billions. Sensitive financial and personal data breach is damning both for economy and reputation, and it is essential to adopt a multi-dimensional approach in order to protect a network from such harm.

From initial log in to threat detection, response, and automation, at Hardware we can help. We partner with some of the most prolific cyber security specialists in the world, enabling us to deliver solutions covering your entire attack surface.

With a high level of communication, configuration and support integrated alongside each solution, we can ensure the strongest possible defence to your business and its data.

Unsure if you're at risk? Speak to one of our experts today to book in your free security risk assessment. It wouldn't hurt to check!