Customer Success Stories

No matter the size of your business or scale of the project, we provide a single point of contact and 24/7 support ensuring a seamless, hassle-free process. We are incredibly proud of the customers we work with. Have a read of some of these stories – we’ve removed their names, to protect the innocent!

Online/On-Premise Gaming Company

A US based Online/On Premise Gaming company approached us with a challenge around losing business. Latency from their customer facing web servers to back end SQL servers was affecting the amount of transactions they could process; ultimately losing them revenue. They came to us looking for low latency switching as a way of pushing up performance. The solution we designed utilized a unified SAN and Blade chassis, with all compute traffic was kept internally the latency between front and back end appliances was removed, we were also to reduce their existing 4-rack deployment down to a single rack saving them $300k dollars in Datacenter costs a year.
This system went on to win the 'gaming platform of the year' award.

Online Cycling Retailer

An online Cycling retailer were looking at purchasing additional VMWare Licences – They needed to expand their Cluster onto the Server Estate of a recently acquired competitor. They had worked out they needed to spend £60k on licences to cover the expansion program. The hardware they were running was a mixture of Gen 8 and Gen 9 HPE Servers. By utilising their existing Licences, we consolidated the older devices, replacing the entire estate with new Gen 10 devices: Not only did this cost less than the VMWare Licensing, the new servers included 5-Years of support included in this cost, negating the need to resupport their existing estate in their next years budget. This freed up budget was then aligned to replacing their storage estate which was already out of support but they didn't have the budget available to correct.

European Independent Intergovernmental Weather Organisation

A European Independent Intergovernmental Weather Organisation had a problem being able to provide enough electrical power to an additional Cray Supercomputer they were planning to buy; limited by the regional power network in which they're based. Our solution was to design and deploy an Nvidia GPU solution based on 2U servers. The NVIDIA GPU cluster is providing the throughput they need within their available power.

Online Gaming Provider

An online gaming customer had recently rolled out a quantity of 2U Servers from a "white box" Server vendor, that would readily accept generic fast Intel/Samsung SSDs. They'd reasoned that running several 2U devices filled with cheap SSDs would be cheaper than a dedicated Storage device from a Tier 1 vendor. The solution we proposed and they subsequently bought, was based around HPE 3PAR – Massively faster and comparable in pricing.

Global Cloud Security Platform Provider

One of our longest standing relationships is with a Global Cloud Security platform provider. Consuming huge amounts of Compute & Store Hardware on a regular basis was presenting challenges: Bottlenecks fulfilling New contracts and in seeing business disappear with their customers not prepared to wait for Services to be brought online. After discussions with them about the specifications required for each of their product offerings, we suggested a rationalized set of "Standard Builds" - Reducing the 144 different builds they were buying direct from the Vendor, to 6 Options based on the same 1U Server Platform, we would then stock this standard chassis for them to call off as required. The end result was lead times in days, not weeks, and because they were now buying significant quantities of the same chassis, a reduced price point.

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