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Multi-cloud Security

Fortinet Cloud Security

More and more Companies are moving application workloads to the Cloud and multi-cloud-based Security is imperative in today’s landscape of threats. Visibility across these security cloud functions can be made easier with Fortinet and their range of cloud-based security products for AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. Fortinet is the leader in multi-cloud security and Hardware are a silver partner.

Public Cloud

  • Management & Automation – Fortinet covers unified policy management, control and visibility across the multi-cloud with full automation capabilites
  • Broad Protection – Application Security, Network Segmentation and Secure connectivity are covered across Secure Firewall products such as FortiGate, FortiWeb, FortiClient and FortiSandbox
  • Native Integration – Fortinet devices make connecting cloud applications easy to use with pre-built Fabric Connectors and enabling a extensive level of protection across Cloud-based applications

Private Cloud

  • SDN Orchestration – Fortinet’s Security Fabric provides security coverage across the major SDN Orchestration providers such as VMWare NSX, Cisco ACI and OpenStack
  • FortiGate-VM Series – The FortiGate-VM Series is a virtual appliance version of the high-performance FortiGate NGFWL. This VM delivers advanced protection for north-south traffic.

Our team of engineers can help with any of the above Fortinet Products and work with you to find the right solution for your current Cloud platform.

SD-WAN Management

Traditional WANs are an expensive commodity due to the traffic flowing across dedicated leased line connections, causing costly traffic bills. As companies look to move their application workloads to the cloud, the majority of traffic going from WAN endpoints is now destined to these cloud-based locations. Significant costs can be saved by sending cloud-based traffic via the public internet and not over the Leased Line MPLS WAN.

SD-WAN simplifies WAN technologies by utilizing multiple connectivity options such as Broadband Services and 4G LTE. WAN Traffic is prioritised by application and routed according to business need. Additional savings can be made when launching a new satellite WAN site with the use of Zero Touch Provisioning for Router or CPE equipment and the ability to start up the new office on day one without deploying an engineer to site or waiting for an MPLS line to be procured as SD-WAN applications can be used over the broadband from day one.

Hardware offer a number of vendor solutions within the SD-WAN portfolio and engineers available to assist in finding the right SD-WAN solution.

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