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Building Security with SDSN

10th April 2018 | In Security
An in-depth report by economic and cybersecurity experts at RAND found that chief information security officers are faced with a chaotic and confusing landscape when deciding how to manage the risks (and costs) associated with providing security to their business.

More troubling, is that research indicates companies are increasingly spending on cybersecurity tools. But they are not sure whether these investments are making their infrastructure more secure. Many do not know when, or whether they have invested enough in their security strategy. Even more concerning is the common belief that attackers are gaining quickly.

Managing risk is a misunderstood concept in cybersecurity. Usually focused on risks posed by threats and vulnerabilities instead of risks specific to business outcomes and operations. Much of the emphasis is often on – and even the metrics used to demonstrate the value of security programs are based on – the ability of a particular tool or program to stop a certain number of attacks rather than those metrics that matter more to the business.

Instead of measuring the quantity of blocked attacks, the goal of a comprehensive security program must be to understand the return between managing where to invest and the risk of not adopting various security measures. Therefore, although stopping attacks is an imperative, it must also be balanced with reducing the risk to business if an attacker were to get through.

You want to build more than a network – you want to create a safe, reliable and fast business environment for your organisation’s digital transformation. To help you be successful, we believe in building networks that have security embedded at the core. Secure networks that can automatically identify, isolate, and eliminate threats before they do any damage.

Juniper Networks

This vision has been realised with Juniper Network’s Software-Defined Secure Networks.

SDSN is Juniper’s platform for secure networks. It’s a security and network portfolio that provides scalable network security enforcement based on three principles. These are policy, detection and enforcement.
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